About us

Agrohub — collective impact organization

Mission of Agrohub is to integrate innovations into Ukrainian agribusiness. As a result, Ukrainian agro companies will introduce more technological solutions, and talents and professionals will be able to realize their potential in the agricultural sector.

To do this, Agrohub collects information, builds ties and becomes a catalyst for relationships between agrocompanies and innovation entrepreneurs, startups, training centers, experts and international communities.

Agrohub teaches managers of agribusinesses the philosophy and practice of innovation and promotes a culture of innovation in the agro sector through educational programs and media. This improves business efficiency and accelerates the transition from raw material to smart economy.

At the same time, Agrohub supports independent entrepreneurs who think innovative and creative.

Our mission
Leverage the power of collective impact to integrate innovation and technology in the agro sector so that stakeholders can thrive
Our vision
Mission goals are achieved by:
  • Enabling coordination amongst technology ecosystem, business players, academia and other stakeholders
  • Accelerating startups and promoting startup-corporate engagement
  • Equipping residents and organizations with knowledge and technology
  • Promoting talents and education in strategy & innovations
  • Empowering stakeholders to create positive change